DuckTalks Episode #091 – News Episode of Doom!

On this episode of DuckTalks Mitch and Pirate Steven catch up on all of the news. DuckTales Season 3 Update (No New Episodes in Feb), DT Crew Sweatshirts, Sonic the Hedgehog, PhatMojo DT figures at Walgreens, Disney Afternoon Bolo Lanyards, Magica De Spell added to Mobile Game, Gummi Bears Funko Pops, IDW comics Updates, and an update from Frankly Speaking.




Important Disney Afternooniverse February Dates

DuckTales Season 3 Update! (No New Episodes In Feb)

Limited Edition Disney Afternoon Bolo Lanyards!

Some New Funko Pops Are Bouncing Our Way In June!

Magica De Spell Added to Disney Heroes!

DuckTales Comic Trade Paperback Silence and Science Releasing This Summer

DuckTales Comic Trade Paperback Faires and Scares Releasing This Fall

PhatMojo Figures, Including DuckTales Series One, Sighted At Walgreens!




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  1. Hey fellas, I Just noticed that the Phatmojo website says “ New action figures and deluxe Gizmoduck vehicles are coming soon. DuckTales…Woo-oo, indeed.” under the Ducktales section. Is that new or has it been there for awhile??

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      • Darn, I thought maybe they were advertising wave two because they were going go release it soon. At least the good news is That Ducktales merch is still on their site. Fingers crossed we hear something soon!


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