Magica De Spell Added to Disney Heroes!

Disney Heroes just received an update that has added Magica De Spell to your roster of characters. Disney Heroes has added several Disney Duck characters over the past few months.

Disney Heroes is a mobile game where players build their team of heroes to battle in a digital world. We have been playing the game since launch (off and on for some of us). The game includes guilds and you can play with the DuckTalks‘ guild if you are on server 2.

Magica is categorized as a Control character, which fits her 100%. Control characters are used to disrupt the flow of the battle. Magica is currently only available in Diamond crates, but like Launchpad she should eventually be added to the story mode… unless she doesn’t like Gizmoduck…

Magica De Spell in Disney Heroes

If you are interested in playing Disney Heroes with us be sure to join server 2 before you begin playing the game. Once you hit level 15 you can look us up and join the guild.

Magica De Spell in Disney Heroes
Magica De Spell’s Shadow in Disney Heroes

Now excuse me while I go play Disney Heroes. I still need Launchpad and Gizmoduck…

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