Some New Funko Pops Are Bouncing Our Way In June!

The largest dedicated toy fair in London is currently taking place and yesterday we received some exciting Funko Pop news for Disney Afternoon fans.

So far our Disney Afternoon POP collections consist of DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, and one Rescue Rangers Pop. This summer our collection could increase by at least five new Pops as the majority of the cuddle bears from Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears will be available to collect.

As far as we know Funko did not have prototypes of these characters to share, but they did have an image that they also shared online. The Gummi Bears series will include Zummi Gummi, Gruffi Gummi, Tummi Gummi, Sunni Gummi, and Cubbi Gummi. The series is missing one prominent member of the Gummi clan and that is Grammi Gummi. We would be surprised if she didn’t show up as a retail exclusive at some point.

Speaking of Retailers, Entertainment Earth seems awfully excited about the series. Maybe they are getting exclusives?

In related news, Funko also revealed a The Great Mouse Detective series consisting of three figures; Basil of Baker Street, Olivia Flaversham, and Doctor Ratigan.

Oh, and there are also going to be Dinosaur Pops!

Are you excited about these announcements? What other Disney Afternoon Pops would you like to a see? Comment below or on Twitter.

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