DuckTales Season 3 Update! (No New Episodes In Feb)

We know there were reports earlier in the month that DuckTales season 3 would not be airing in February, but we like to get our hands (digitally speaking of course) on the Programming Highlights ourselves before we share it.

season 2 poster

To no surprise, DuckTales Season 3 was not on the Disney Channel/Disney Junior/Disney XD February Highlights list. We were not expecting the show to return in February, but I’ve got a feeling the show might return in March… At least for a short period before we get another hiatus. Because season 3 did not start last winter it feels like it will have a couple of hiatuses before we get to the season finale.

I also noticed that the Highlights only list new episodes through February 8th. I am assuming this means the Disney Channel will mostly be airing re-runs through most of the month.

Other than the absence of the show on the highlights the only other news on when the show will return comes in the form of a Frankly Speaking. Co-Producer of DuckTales, Frank Angones, was recently asked when the show would return over on Twitter. You can read his response below… I’m still thinking it’s possible we get a premiere in March.

I would like to point out that my first reaction was that Frank was saying we might hear the premiere date soon… but after reading it again I’m afraid he means they may be deciding a premiere date soon.. in which case it could be several weeks before we hear when the premiere will air.

What do you think? Are DuckTales episodes returning in March? Maybe just for a premiere? Join the conversation below or on social media.

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  1. This might definitely be an unpopular opinion but I would so appreciate the pairing of Fenton and Della!!! And since we saw that Gandra was working for fowl, maybe??

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