PhatMojo Figures, Including DuckTales Series One, Sighted At Walgreens!

We know many of you have been wondering about the situation with PhatMojo and their DuckTales figures. The last time we reported on PhatMojo was before the holidays when they let us know that they were working hard to get a limited release for their Gizmoduck two-pack.

PhatMojo DuckTales Action Figure Limited Release Revealed

Unfortunately, the holidays came and went without seeing the figures. We reached out to PhatMojo several times over the past few months, but we never heard back from. We’ve contemplated what we should say on the blog about this news… but really we wanted to have news before we published anything on DuckTalks.

Today we finally heard some news, and it is good news. Twitter user Speed Racer (@Mach5Museum) sent us a pic of DuckTales Series One figures on pegs at their local Walgreens. Per their report the Walgreens had the Webby and Louie two-pack and Launchpad. Speed Racer also confirmed for us that other PhatMojo figures were for sale at the store.

Photo of PhatMojo Webby and Louie two-pack by Twitter user Speed Racer (@Mach5Museum)

This is great news as it means the toy line has not been cancelled. There was talk on Twitter recently of PhatMojo losing certain Disney property licenses, and we were all a little worried that with the new year they were out of the business of making DuckTales figures. This was rumor, and we didn’t report on it because we could not get confirmation. Also, PhatMojo’s website continued to list DuckTales as a product they had a license for. We were told by people at PhatMojo that the line needed “critical interest” and our understanding was that the line needed a retailer to pick it up exclusively.

I know what you are thinking. Mitch, these are figures that many of us already have, these figures are regular price, and there are no reports of new figures. You are right. For many of us this limited release for series one figures doesn’t offer us new figures… yet. PhatMojo has been trying to get series two into production, and they’ve proven that they are not ready to give up on the toy line.

If you know someone who missed out on series one of the figures (people are finding the show every day on Disney+) let them know where they can get those figures! Lets send people to Walgreens to support series one, and maybe PhatMojo works out the deal it needs to bring us Gizmoduck, Della, the Spear of Selene, and many other figures that we know were in the works.

How excited are you to see these figures back in stores? Do you know someone who would like a chance to collect series one? Do you have Walgreens in your area? Join the conversation below or on social media!



    • Great to hear! We hope you find them. I plan on visiting a few Walgreens this week to see if I find any.

      If we hear anything on the Gizmoduck we will definitely let everyone know.


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