PhatMojo DuckTales Action Figure Limited Release Revealed

We received an update from PhatMojo on what DuckTales product will be released by PhatMojo this holiday season…

Blathering Blatherskite!

The PhatMojo DuckTales Gizmoduck action figure will be hitting shelves before the end of the year. We were not told the release date nor retailer.

“Gizmo is coming in the not too distant future…”

Gizmoduck may be getting the green light as a test to gauge interest to help get the rest of PhatMojo DuckTales Wave 2 get released. We need to put our money where our mouth is by making Gizmoduck a hot seller so that will draw interest from retailers to stock the rest of the DuckTales PhatMojo line in stores. This Gizmoduck figure was already a must own for us, but now it is a MUST must own. We will share more info when there is more info to share.

The Gizmoduck packaging that we saw from the picture from New York Toy Fair 2019 also included a Fenton figure, but that Fenton was a cardboard placeholder. We have heard official confirmation from PhatMojo that a Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera figure is included in the package with Gizmoduck. We will share the final product picture as soon as we are able to obtain one.

we are sure that Lin Manuel Miranda will be geeking out about having his own action figures. Will you be picking up the PhatMojo DuckTales Gizmoduck action figure? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks


    • Agreed. Gizmoduck was tied for my number one along with Della (at least from the figures we had seen). Although I would have honestly had to buy multiple of whatever Della was released because the girls would have wanted them all. LoL


    • A strong release would get the positive attention the toy line needs, but I’m not sure how long that deal and production may take. We aren’t sure what has been made at this point.


  1. LET’S GO!

    October release? Anyway, hopefully we can get Della out. In my opinion she and Gizmoduck were the only figures we needed, although I do love the others, they were mostly variations, which weren’t needed since we already had them. Glad I contacted PhatMojo otherwise they wouldve just shown up and we wouldn’t know about the issue with retailers.

    Where are they being sold at?

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    • Yes! When you said Bill was talking to you I found his email and reached out. I also reached out to our previous contact, Shawn, and received responses from both.

      They are very thankful for the communities response to wave 1 and hopeful that wave 2 can be produced.


  2. Gizmoduck was always going to be a Day 1 purchase for me for sure (or earlier, if it’s posted for pre-order). But I’ve been dying with excitement over many of the others, especially the Darkwing Duck + Ratcatcher set, which I swear I saw in the tradeshow photos from January. I’ll be so bummed if that one never sees the light of day.

    Ironically, I was also eager for the release of Wave 2 in order to finish out my Wave 1 set. I’ve collected all the kids, Glomgold, Launchpad, and the Sunchaser (along with all the Coin Stack characters and the Disney Store figurine set), but I was being picky about the paint job on Scrooge and Donald. By the time I realized they were being clearanced at Target, I was too late and had already missed out. And while the Disney store sold them briefly, I could only ever find Launchpad and Glomgold in stock.

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    • If you can find that image of DW and the Rathcatcher we would love to see it! We do have a picture of a mystery box and it looks like the shadowy outline of the figure was DW, but we’ve never had that confirmed.


    • We were told it would be released for the holiday season. As soon as we hear where it is available we will do an update blog.


      • Please where is this? My little boy has discovered DuckTales & loves GizmoDuck…. please


      • Unfortunately the company (PhatMojo) making the highly anticipated DuckTales toys and figures lost their license for DuckTales at the end of last year. We are all sad to have missed out on such great products that were planned.


  3. “Holiday season release…”

    Does anyone else smell spoiled milk?

    Jokes aside, It is now January 25th, 2020, nearly a year after the “reveal” and there has been nothing on the release, am I wrong to question if it was really planned?

    I personally believe that if they really planned it, they failed to find a retailer, however I wonder why they couldn’t get Amazon, they sell basically everything that is still made.

    My new question is: Why ignore us as much as possible? I sent them an Email in late November/Early December to have no response. I find the legitimacy of the “Limited Release” questionable.

    Hopefully they come out and announce something, even if it’s cancellation, it’s better than ignoring us.

    If I get a response I’ll let you guys know.



    • New York Toy Fair is next month so that might give us more information, but I wouldn’t hold my breath as my emails for more information are also not being answered.


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