Darkwing Duck Series Available On iTunes!

In September of 1991 the Disney animated series Darkwing Duck first premiered on television sets in the US, and ran for three seasons totaling 91 episodes. In September 2019 the series was added to iTunes for digital purchase and streaming!

Darkwing Duck is one of those series that captures the hearts and minds of the intended audience and stays with you much longer than you might realize. I remember watching the show faithfully as a kid, and when I had my own children I couldn’t wait to share the show with them.

Up until the last few days the only way to watch the show was by DVD discs that were released in 2006. There was a volume two released in 2007, but the third and final volume never appeared. Both volumes has 27 episodes, and that meant fans have been left unable to rewatch 37 episodes of the series!

The addition of Darkwing Duck in iTunes (and I am assuming other digital locations) means almost the entire series is now available for purchase (sans the infamous episode “Hot Spells”). This is great news and at the price of $39.99 it is quite a deal (you can also purchase the individual volumes for $14.99 each)… but… we anticipate Darkwing Duck will be added to Disney+ library in the near future. We aren’t entirely sure how near, but we know the Netherlands have the show on their preview. If you want to see all of these episodes right away they are finally available for purchase, but if you plan on purchasing Disney+ and can wait a few weeks or months you may be able to stream the entire series (most likely sans “Hot Spells” with your subscription to Disney+

Are you buying the series? Or are you waiting for it to appear on your Disney+ subscription?


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