Powerline Is Coming to Disney Heroes Mobile Game!

A Reddit user has shared amazing news from Disney Heroes patch update 1.15.4 notes. It looks like Disney Heroes is after the 90s kids mobile gamers. If you haven’t played this game there are a ton of really great 90s era Disney characters to play with. Powerline is sure to have some killer moves.

One bad thing to report is that it looks like Powerline will only be available for servers 1-17. If you haven’t played yet it is important that when starting the game you select a server between 1 and 17. Don’t forget that DuckTalks has a guild on server 2, and once you reach level 15 you can join us.

Powerline will be a “Control” hero. You can check out more info from the patch notes. Disney Heroes Patch Notes!

It’s time to start working on your Coliseum team to ensure you get a chance to grab Powerline from those Event Crates!

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