DuckTalks Episode #065 – DuckTalks Versus the Unedited Episode!

WE had time to record, but we did not have time to edit. So… Here’s our most raw episode to date. On this episode the guys welcome a new contributor to; discuss rumors of May DuckTales titles, premiere dates, and descriptions; Disney+, and a MegaCon update. DuckMerch includes DuckTales Comics (or the lack of), Funko 2018 Scrooge Pop!, PhatMojo sales, the new Life and Times release, and The Scrooge Mystery is back in stock!

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Rumors of May DuckTales Episode Titles and Premiere Dates!

The Complete Life and Times of $crooge McDuck Vol. 1 Review

New DuckTales Episode Descriptions Online!

Disney+ Launch Guide for Disney Afternoon Fans

Scrooge McDuck Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko POP

Did Louie’s Attention to Detail Shape His Greed?

The Scrooge Mystery Is Back In Stock!

Scrooge McDuck’s Billionaire Bacon Caramel Sundae



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