New DuckTales Episode Descriptions Online!

We love the internet! Our pal @Kahuna_Potato just shared an Instagram post from @lena_mcduck with our Discord Server. It appears the episode titles and description are showing up on Google. The listings match the titles that we had seen on previous forum posts, and they may confirm the dates the episodes will premiere.

You can check out our recent blog when the May episode titles first hit the internet. Rumors of May DuckTales Episode Titles and Premiere Dates!

What do you think about the episode descriptions? Looks like we were off on the 87 Cent Solution possibly being the time travel episode. It reminds me more of a Don Rosa Uncle Scrooge Story called “The Coin.”

Great news for everyone waiting on confirmation of those episode titles. Looks like they are in fact panning our to be correct.


  1. For the episode the Treasure of the Found Lamp I’m sure It will be featuring Dijon from the movie because he actually appear in the promo from May épisodes (at the start) ^^


  2. Yep! The blog linked into this blog has our thoughts on the episode titles and we included a screenshot from the May promo. We’ve been assuming it is Dijon as well, but it will be a big redesign for the character from his OG DuckTales counterpart.


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