Disney Gaming Pin Releases 4/11

Two new Disney Afternoon Pins were released this morning at Disney Parks. Well technically one was a Disney Afternoon show and the other is A Goofy Movie which is an honorary Disney Afternoon movie as it is basically a Goof Troop movie.

Let me start off by saying again, that I don’t do pins; however, the new Kingdom Consoles and I Heart Gaming pin Series I do if they are Disney Afternoon related.

The Kingdom Consoles pin series has focused on games that were released in the NES and SNES era. We have seen pins for The Little Mermaid (NES), Aladdin (SNES), and The Lion King (SNES). I just knew we would see some pins for the Classic Disney Afternoon NES games, and we got our first one with today’s release (4/11), Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers. Darkwing Duck will be released in May. Then we would just need TaleSpin and DuckTales.

Each Kingdom Console pin is a limited edition of 4000. They are exclusive to both WDW and DLR so you would think that each coast would get 2000 pins. These pins have a nice size and a few features so the retail price on these is $17.99.

Let’s look at a closeup of the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers pin.

This pin is just filled with awesomeness. The tv screen shows Chip and Dale in their 8 bit form from the Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers game. If you have never played the game, then you should buy the remastered Disney Afternoon Collection for PS4 or X Box One. The 89 in the corner is a nod to the year that Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers debuted.

We get a pin on pin console which looks like a NES Console. The console comes with a game cartridge attached that can be slid up and down. There is also a game controller with a magnet that can be detached and reattached.

I love this pin, and I am very much looking forward to the release of the other Disney Afternoon NES games. We will keep you posted when we see release dates.

The second pin released today is from the I Heart Gaming Series. These pay tribute to classic LED handheld gaming. Pin releases have included Aladdin, Lion King, and the Little Mermaid. DLR had been getting these pins that have been released every other month, but WDW got the A Goofy Movie pin exclusively to itself this month. This A Goofy Movie pin is a limited edition of 1500, and it retails for $17.99.

Let’s look at a closeup of the A Goofy Movie pin.

This pin features a lenticular screen showing Goofy, Max, and Powerline performing the Perfect Cast dance from A Goofy Movie.

I hope more releases in the I Heart Gaming pin series feature Disney Afternoon franchises, and we know that Darkwing Duck will be the theme for next month’s release.

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