IDW’s DuckTales #20 Preview and Review!

The DuckTales comic release schedule is a bit of a mystery. DuckTales Issue #19 was released on March 27th, and here is DuckTales #20 which will be released two weeks later on April 10th. There are currently no issues of DuckTales scheduled for release in May or June which you think would be perfect release months using the synergy of the DuckTales show returning to Disney Channel in May with new episodes. Hopefully, new DuckTales comic issues will be released again starting in July. We will definitely let you know when we hear more.

Let’s take a look at the covers for DuckTales Issue #20.


The A variant cover features Scrooge McDuck, Gyro Gearloose, and Fethry Duck outside Fenton Crackshell’s office.

The B variant cover features Gizmoduck in his first appearance in the new DuckTales comic series. I have been waiting for Gizmoduck to show up in this comic series, and it finally happens in the 20th Issue.

The Retailer Incentive Cover (1:10) features a Webby portrait that forms a larger image when the retailer incentive covers from #17-20 are put together. I have been collecting these special edition covers so it will be great to add another Webby cover to the collection.


There is one double length story in this comic titled Saga of the Super Intern!? The story is written by Joe Caramagna.

I am not going to go into all of the details of the story’s plot, but right off the back you know that this is a Joe Caramagna DuckTales adventure that features Gizmoduck and Fethry Duck. That should be enough to sell you on the comic immediately.

This comic compliments the show perfectly in both the writing for the characters and the illustrations. This issue is a great continuation story to what happens to Fethry Duck after his underwater lab is destroyed in DuckTales Season 2 episode 2, The Depths of Cousin Fethry!

Check out the preview:

DuckTales #20 Preview!


    • For Fethry? i believe his first appearance was Italian Topolino #453 in 1964. His firstUS appearance was not until 1966 in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #304.


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