QMx Darkwing Duck Q-Fig Unboxing and Review

I am the shipping delay that delays all of your cool stuff.

I am the terror that flaps in the night.

I am Darkwing Duck!

Quantum Mechanics (QMx) is diving into the money bin of opportunities for Disney Afternoon merch with not Scrooge McDuck, but everyone’s favorite crime fighting duck…No, not the Duck Avenger or Launchpad McQuack. Although, I would really love a Launchpad Q-Fig. I am talking about the one that likes to get dangerous, Darkwing Duck.

The resurgence of Disney Afternoon merch the past few years is bringing back a lot of great childhood memories for kids of the early 90s. New fans of the greatest Disney cartoons produced are also living their best lives with epic toys and collectibles for their new favorite shows that they are now discovering on Disney+.

Our friends at QMx sent over the Darkwing Duck Q-Fig for us to showcase on the blog. Let’s get dangerous!


Darkwing Duck is #100 in the Q-Fig product line. The figure comes in a colorful square box with pictures of the figure on all sides. There are no windows to look at the figure, so you will need to display the figure out of the box which QMx definitely recommends.

Darkwing Duck Q-Fig

The daring duck of mystery, champion of right is ready to swoop out of the shadows and own the night on your shelf. DW is equipped with his gas gun and ready for any members of the Fearsome Five. The character design is Darkwing from his original 1991 show on the Disney Afternoon. The figure is approximately five inches tall. Enjoy some dangerous pics!

The Darkwing Duck Q-fig especially looks great when displayed next to his arch nemesis, Negaduck. The Negaduck Q-Fig is a limited edition of 2,000 pieces and is currently available on Entertainment Earth‘s website. You can check out my review on the Negaduck Q-Fig here.

I would absolutely love to see additional Darkwing Duck characters get the Q-Fig treatment like Quackerjack, the Liquidator, Bushroot, Megavolt, Launchpad McQuack, and Gosalyn.


The Darkwing Duck Q-Fig figure is a must own and deserves a place in all Darkwing Duck and Disney Afternoon fan’s collections. The Q-Fig is a great representation of this character which celebrated 30 years last year. The paint job pops on the shelf, and I love that DW is perched on a metal duck gargoyle high above St. Canard. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you add this most dangerous of ducks to your collection. Let’s get dangerous!

QMx is definitely bringing the fun with their Disney Afternoon Q-Fig releases. Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles were great show choices to add to their Q-Fig line. Could Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, or Goof Troop / A Goofy Movie be next?

Thanks again to QMx for sending us this Darkwing Duck figure to showcase on the blog.

Where to Buy?

The Darkwing Duck Q-Fig is currently in stock and available to order on Entertainment Earth’s website at the link below:

Order: QMx Darkwing Duck Q-Fig

The limited edition Negaduck Q-Fig is also available to order.

Order: QMx Negaduck Q-Fig

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through our affiliate links above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Let us know what you think about the QMx Darkwing Duck Q-Fig in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. What other Disney Afternoon character would you love to see as a Q-Fig? Also, don’t forget to follow @QMxInsider for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the detailed photos!

    Love how it says “Not intended for children. For adult use only.” …my thirteen-year-old self would’ve laughed at that in disbelief! 🤣

    Unlike with the recently revealed posable action figures, Quantum Mechanics’ sculptor has really NAILED these characters! 😃👍

    Just two minor things: The paint job around DW’s gas gun handle seems a bit off, and what’s with the gap under his left arm on the right side?

    I’d be over the moon if they decided to make a Gummi Bears line of these figures, but unfortunately I can’t quite see there being enough of a demand. Imagine hero poses of the original six Gummies above Castle Dunwyn, or Toadie high up on the battlements of Castle Drekmore! 😁❤

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