QMx Negaduck Q-Fig Unboxing and Review

I am the sourball in the candyjar of goodness! I am… Negaduck!

We are officially inside the Negaverse. It wasn’t too long ago that there was no Negaduck merch. Negaduck was originally planned to be a part of Wave 2 of the original Playmates Darkwing Duck figure line in 1991. That second wave was unfortunately cancelled. So if you wanted a Negaduck figure, you had to buy a second Darkwing Duck figure and repaint it with black, yellow, and red.

For the 30th anniversary of Darkwing Duck, fans are getting spoiled with new merch. Quantum Mechanix (QMx) announced a Darkwing Duck Q-Fig earlier this year. A limited edition Negaduck Q-fig was announced later at QMx’s Summer convention. The figure was a shared exclusive with QMx and Entertainment Earth.

Let’s take a closer look at the evil Negaduck Q-Fig!


Negaduck is #106 in the Q-Fig product line. The figure comes in a colorful square box with pictures of the figure on all sides. There are no windows to look at the figure, so you will need to display the figure out of the box which QMx definitely recommends.

Negaduck Q-Fig

Negaduck looks diabolically evil perched on top of a metal duck gargoyle. The yellow and red on this figure definitely pop. This figure looks similar to the Darkwing Duck Q-Fig with a few exceptions. QMx used a different head sculpt and pose for Negaduck’s right arm.

This Negaduck figure is a numbered limited edition Q-Fig. The number of the individual Negaduck figure is listed on the bottom of the figure’s base. My figure is #1293/2000.


This is a great Negaduck figure to add to your Darkwing Duck or Disney Afternoon collection. I am thrilled that QMx knows that Disney Afternoon merch sells and decide to include Negaduck in their Q-Fig lineup. Negaduck is going to look great displayed next to the Darkwing Duck Q-Fig. I would love to see additional villains from the Darkwing Duck rogue “Fearsome Five” gallery added to the Darkwing Duck Q-fig collection. This was a hot seller and limited to only 2000 pieces. Don’t let Negaduck get away!

Where to Buy?

The Negaduck Q-Fig retails for $29.99. It is currently in stock and available to order on Entertainment Earth’s website at the link below:

Order: Negaduck Q-Fig (Entertainment Earth)

Order: Darkwing Duck Q-Fig (Entertainment Earth)

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