QMx The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite Unboxing and Review

Howard Hughes: How did it feel, strapping that thing to your back and flying like a bat out of hell?

Cliff Secord “The Rocketeer”: Well it’s the closest I’ll ever get to heaven, Mr. Hughes.

The Rocketeer is an American hero created in 1982 by comic book writer and artist Dave Stevens. In 1991, Disney took the comic strip/book hero from the pages to the big screen.

If you haven’t watched the Rocketeer, it is available to stream on Disney+. It is one of my favorite movies from the Walt Disney Studios. Quantum Mechanix (QMx) recently released a Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite figure to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Rocketeer film.

Our friends at QMx sent over The Rocketeer Q-Fig for us to check out. Let’s take a closer look at The Rocketeer Q-Fig!


The Rocketeer is #102 in the Q-Fig product line. The figure comes in a colorful square box with pictures of the figure on all sides. There are no windows to look at the figure, so you will need to display the figure out of the box which QMx definitely recommends.

The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite

This Rocketeer figure is freaking amazing. Cliff Secord posing in front of an American flag while he gets ready to punch a Nazi in the face is a work of art. The flames and smoke cloud from the Rocketeer’s jet pack liftoff are details that really breathes life into and animates this dynamic figure.

The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite figure looks great displayed next to other Q-Figs by QMx. QMx has really done a fantastic job with all of their Disney figures.

The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite figure is essential for every Rocketeer fan’s collection. Here is a picture of the Q-Fig on display next to Diamond Select Toys’ Legends in 3-D 1:2 Scale Bust.

As Cliff Secord said: “Well, this is the closest to heaven that I will ever get. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Where to Buy?

The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite retails for $29.99 and is currently in stock and available to order on QMx’s website at the links below:

Order: QMx The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite (QMx)

Let us know what you think about QMx’s The Rocketeer Q-Fig Elite figure in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @QMxInsider for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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