Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 8: Small Vampire Review

A holiday movie has to be pretty solid to be able to be memorable and become a classic. In 1993, The Nightmare Before Christmas successfully nailed two holidays to become one of the most beloved Halloween and Christmas movies of all time. With great movies comes great toys and collectibles.

This week we will be focusing on Nightmare Before Christmas Select action figures from our friends at Diamond Select Toys. They recently released series 7 and 8 of their Nightmare Before Christmas Select action figures. Each pack contains a diorama piece. When you put the diorama pieces together from all six packs in these series, you will have a Halloweentown Guillotine set piece from the movie to display with your figures. Thanks Diamond Select Toys for sending us these fantastic figures to showcase on the blog!

For each blog, we will focus on one of the figure packs in full detail from Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas series 7 and 8. Today’s blog will be the Small Vampire and Helgamine from series 8.


Small Vampire and Helgamine comes in a window package which displays the figures, accessories, and a Halloweentown Guillotine piece. The window packaging leaves the option of displaying this figure in box if you are an in box action figure collector.

The box side view shows a glam shot of the Small Vampire and Helgamine figure.

The back of the box shows the other figures that are included in Series 8 as well as what the Halloweentown Guillotine will look like when it is assembled.

Small Vampire

I love the film specific details of this Small Vampire figure. There are four vampires from Halloweentown, and they are all very different in appearance. The Small Vampire has five points of articulation: head, shoulders (2), and hands (2). For pose ability, you can move his arms in or outward.

Note: Even though this vampire is labeled as the small vampire, he is taller than the vampire labeled as the tall vampire.


Helgamine has seven points of articulation: head, shoulders (2), and hands (2), legs (2). A small black circular stand is also included to help her stand more easily.


This figure pack comes with two accessories: an alternate hand holding an umbrella that vampires equip in the movie to help block the sun during the day and Helgamine’s broom.


The Guillotine pieces that come with this set are two floor pieces. The Guillotine diorama build is a great bonus for those who purchase all of series 7 and 8. We will take a look at the complete build in our final blog for this series.

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Series 8: Small Vampire and Helgamine Select action figure retails for $29.99.

The figures can be purchased online or at your local comic book shop:

Comic Store Locator

Entertainment Earth DST Series 8 Set

Final Thoughts

I really love how Diamond Select Toys has been making figures of secondary characters of the citizens from Halloweentown. In this figure pack, we get two characters which makes it an even greater value. The Small Vampire is my favorite of the four vampire figures. This figure pack comes with two large Guillotine piece that you will need to complete the diorama. If you are going for the Vampire set of four and the Guillotine then you definitely need this figure. The second witch from Nightmare Before Christmas, Zeldaborn, is also included in another one of the other series 8 figure packs.

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