Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 7 and 8 Guillotine Diorama

Each of the Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 7 and 8 figure packs come with a Guillotine piece that you can use to assemble a Guillotine Diorama for your figures.

Here is a screenshot of the Guillotine from Nightmare Before Christmas in the “This is Halloween” song scene.

Let’s recap which piece each figure pack comes with:

Series 7: Snowman Jack

Series 7: Skinny Vampire

Series 7: Big Vampire

Series 8: Short Vampire

Series 8: Small Vampire

Series 8: Burnt Santa Jack

When fully assembled, the Guillotine diorama is impressively large and intricately detailed for an amazing set piece to display with your Nightmare Before Christmas action figure collection.

Here are some pics with some of the series 7 and 8 figures displayed with the Guillotine.

I believe the pictures above speak for themselves. Diamond Select Toy’s Nightmare Before Christmas Select series 7 and 8 action figures is an excellent assortment of Nightmare Before Christmas goodness and the buildable Guillotine is an amazing display payoff for completing the set.

Here are the links to all of our reviews for this series in case you missed one:

Series 7: Snowman Jack Review

Series 7: Tall Vampire Review

Series 7: Big Vampire Review

Series 8: Short Vampire and Zeldaborn Review

Series 8: Small Vampire and Helgamine Review

Series 8: Burnt Santa Jack Review

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