Season 3 Image Was A Promo!

Yesterday the DuckFandom went a blaze over a single image from DuckTales Season 3. The image included many of the kids in what appears to be Halloween costumes (check it out below).

We had a couple of theories on where the image could have come from, but it turns out it WAS a picture from a Disney Channel promo that included clips from DuckTales Season 3. They are quick and offer very little context to the episodes they may be a part of.

One thing the image did do is prompt some questions to DuckTales Co-Producer, Frank Angones. Someone asked Frank about the Halloween and Christmas episodes and he shared that those two episodes were made first so that the Disney Channel could choose to use them whenever they wanted, and the premiere was technically the third episode in production.

So expect those two episodes to have little connections to the rest of the season. Oh well, we’ve wanted a Halloween episode since season one, and we have ALL wanted to find out what happened between Scrooge and Santa Clause.

Check out the video below from YouTube to see the promo. Shout out to YT’s Darius Bell for the video, AshFangirlLisa for confirming it was a promo, and AwPhooey2U for sending us the link!


  1. Hey guys, this promo reminded me that you should really be watching Tangled. It’s as good as Ducktales and the old Disney Afternoon shows!


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