Happy Feet Donald Duck Plush Slippers Review

Whenever I walk into my kids’ rooms, it is inevitable that I am going to step on toys…hopefully a stuffed animal and not a Lego brick.

If it is a Lego brick, then wearing slippers could save your life. Also, who wants cold feet this holiday season? Not you, not me.

Last week we checked out Happy Feet’s Zlipperz product which lets you zip on and off your slipper design to give you multiple styles to wear. You can see our review on one of the Donald Duck Zlipperz pairs at the link below:

Happy Feet Donald Duck Zlipperz Review

Happy Feet also sells plush slippers. Just like the Zlipperz slippers, the designs come in adult sizes. Not only that, but Happy Feet has so many characters available in their plush slipper line that you will be surprised by some of the characters that are included and represented in this line. Captain Hook has his own plush slipper! We need to campaign for a Darkwing Duck and Scrooge McDuck pair of plush slippers.

Happy Feet sent over their plush Donald Duck designs for us to take a look at. This is definitely one for you to put on your Christmas list for yourself or a gift for family and friends, but make sure that you take care of yourself too. My feet have never been more happier and fun. It is like walking around with your feet comfortably inside a stuffed animal. My almost two year old hugged the slippers when I put them on. You know how some people have a closet of shoes? I could see myself having a closet of plush slippers.

You need these slippers in your life, and you can get them from Happy Feet’s website:

Happy Feet Donald Duck Plush Slippers

At the time that this blog was published, Happy Feet is currently running a promotion where you can get free shipping on US orders of $20 or more. These plush slippers retail for $35 so you would be set for free shipping. Also, you never know if Happy Feet will have any promotions for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but we will definitely keep you informed if we say any more deals.

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