Happy Feet Donald Duck Zlipperz Review

New friends of our blog and podcast, Happy Feet, sent us a pair of their Donald Duck Zlipperz to keep our feet happy and warm this holiday season. Thanks Happy Feet!

Happy Feet, like our friends from Sun-Staches, had the opportunity to showcase their fun products on Shark Tank. They reached a deal with Robert Herjavec on their episode which aired in season 5. You can check out a video update that aired on Shark Tank below:

We are really excited that Happy Feet was able to land a licensing deal to make fun slippers from the Disney brands including Disney, Pixar, and Marvel.

Today, we are going to take a look at their slippers line of products. Zlipperz is an innovative slipper product where you get to mix and match the design of your slippers to meet your style at that very moment. The Happy Feet website has designs at seems for every major Disney movie release and a wide variety of characters.

Every time that we do a blog on fun Disney apparel the first question that is usually asked: “Are there adult sizes?” I am happy to report that Happy Feet’s products are made for everyone. The sizes range from Toddler 10 to XXL Adult sizes. This is amazing news.

Each set of Zlipperz comes with four top designs and two bottoms which by the way feel like you are walking on a pillow.

Their is a zipper on the top designs that you can easily attach to the zipper from the top design you choose to the bottom.

I really love the personality of Donald Duck in the yellow top designs.

The second design is a white top with many different Donald faces of expressions.

The fun part is mixing and matching your Zlipperz tops for even more options.

If you like this design as much as I do, you can find this specific pair of Donald Duck Zlipperz here.

There are three different sets of Donald Duck and three different sets of Daisy Duck design Zlipperz on Happy Feet’s website. The Zlipperz sets retail for $28+Shipping. Free shipping on orders of $50+ on US orders.

Another exciting product that Happy Feet has on their website are their fun plush slippers which looks like wearing stuffed animals on your feet which I am excited to be able to do that soon. I will have a blog on the Donald Duck plush slippers that later this month.

You can check out Happy Feet’s wide selection of designs and products on their website here.

I would love to see some Disney Afternoon designs added to both the Zlipperz and Plush Slippers Happy Feet product lines. Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale just to name a few favorites.

Time to kick back, relax, and watch some Disney+…my feet wont complain.

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