Disney heroes : Donald, Gizmoduck, Megavolt!

You know we enjoy playing video games, and we’ve covered news for some mobile games in the past. Mobile games are a strange animal, and honestly I’m still undecided on my feelings about them and how they are impacting gaming in general.

However, there have been a few mobile games that I have really enjoyed. When Disney Heroes: Battle Mode was first released I was excited to give the game a try. I knew a few people who were playing it and they also seemed excited about the game. I played pretty consistently for a few weeks, but then the game lost it’s luster for me and other games took it’s place. I can’t tell you what kept me from enjoying the play, but I just kind of forgot about it for a while.

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.14.2 Update! The new update has announced the arrival of the Donald Duck, Gizmoduck, and megavolt!

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is a mid-line “Damage” hero. Donald Duck will be an Event Exclusive Hero featured in contest rewards on Servers 1-15.


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