D23 Announces Two 2020 Events We Know You’ll Want to Get On Your Calendar

D23, The Official Disney Fan Club, has announced some special event coming in 2020, building off of similar events they held this past year.


Beyond events like meet ups and behind the scenes tours, D23 likes to hold special screenings of both new and classic Disney films, and 2020 looks to hold some awesome classic options. In a post today, they announced that they were going to double the number of “Magical Screenings” in the coming year and, among those screenings would be The Three Caballeros and A Goofy Movie.

We know many of you are huge fans of both these films, so this is good new if you’re a D23 member.


It is not quite clear whether the “Magical Screenings” would be open to those with a free membership or only to those at a paid level. In the past, movie screenings did tend to be only for paid members.

We’d recommend keeping an eye on D23’s site as they may offer a discount off their annual pricing for the holidays. We know they had a special offer on gift memberships for Father’s Day, so it seems like a no-brainer for them to run a similar deal for the holiday season.


Currently, an individual Gold membership is $99.99/year with a Gold family membership being $129.99/year.

One other way to save on a membership, if you’ve been stocking up on Disney Movie Insider points, is to redeem your points for a free first-year D23 Gold membership. A Gold membership currently costs 4,000 points and a Gold family membership is 5,250 points. Do note that these redemptions are only good for your first year as a D23 Gold member.

All the logistics aside, what do you think about the possibility of seeing these two Disney classics back on the big screen? Did you see them in theaters when they were first released? Let us know in the comments below or head on over to Twitter and start a conversation with us there.


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