Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts III: Sora and Maleficent Action Figures

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is a favorite among Disney and Final Fantasy fans. Diamond Select Toys has been the king of toys and collectibles from this franchise.

Diamond Select Toys has Kingdom Hearts Action Figures, Vinimates, Minimates, PVC Dioramas, and half scale busts.

We have showcased their great line of Kingdom Hearts action figures and their Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story Vinimates on our blog. Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have sent us some more great products from the Kingdom Hearts product line to check out.

Today we will be looking at the Kingdom Hearts III Select Series 1 action figures Sora and Maleficent.

The other figures in Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts III Select Series 1 is a rerelease 2-pack of Donald Duck and Goofy.


Sora’s design is straight out of the hit video game Kingdom Hearts III. There have been many other Sora action figure releases by Diamond Select Toys from the many different Kingdom Hearts games and worlds, but this is the first one from the latest game.

Sora comes with his Shooting Star Keyblade. This figure is highly articulated for ultimate pose ability.


The Mistress of Evil makes her Kingdom Hearts action figure debut. This is not only a great Kingdom Hearts action figure, but a great figure of a Disney classic villain. Pete is the only other Disney villain to be released in Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts action figure like.

Maleficent comes with her staff that also features her pet raven, Diablo. There is also an extra plain top for her staff that you can swap out for the top that features Diablo.

Maleficent has an impressive wingspan that you can extend for arms if you want to get her into a pose as if she is casting a spell on her enemies.

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts III Series 1: Sora and Maleficent 2-pack retails for $24.99.

The figures can be purchased directly from Diamond Select Toys from their online store:

Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts

It can also be found on Amazon at the following link:

DST KH III S1 Sora and Maleficent

*By purchasing from Amazon.com through this link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Sora enjoys playing the Wreck-It-Ralph arcade game in his free time.

Final Thoughts

Diamond Select Toys delivers with another awesome addition to their Kingdom Hearts action figure line

The Maleficent figure is especially rad because Disney Villain action figure releases of this great quality are rare, and this figure will look great displayed with both Kingdom Hearts figures and other Disney figures.

Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts III Series 2 action figures are releasing this holiday season.

In Series 2, we get some some new heartless, some new Sora forms from KH III, and an amazing Hercules figure. We are looking forward to these new releases as well as all future releases in Diamond Select Toys’ Kingdom Hearts action figure line.


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