Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts Maleficent with Heartless Gallery PVC Diorama Review

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is a favorite among Disney and Final Fantasy fans. Diamond Select Toys has been the king of toys and collectibles from this franchise.

Diamond Select Toys has Kingdom Hearts Action Figures, Vinimates, Minimates, PVC Dioramas, and half scale busts.

We have showcased their great line of Kingdom Hearts action figures and their Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story Vinimates on our blog. Our friends at Diamond Select Toys have sent us some more great products from the Kingdom Hearts product line to check out.

Today we will be looking at the Kingdom Hearts Malelficent with Heartless Gallery PVC Diorama.


If you have been to a GameStop or comic book shop in your lifetime, then you have definitely seen the Diamond Select Toys Gallery diorama figures. These extremely detailed figure sculptures come in a big box with a window flap so that you can check out the beauty of the sculpture.

This also gives you the option of displaying in the box if you have space issues.

Here is a look at the back of the box.


I love the Disney Villains, and this is the best figure of the Mistress of All Evil that is available.

This figure is a great mashup of Maleficent with three of the soldier heartless from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Again, the details on the figure are really impressive. You would think that this figure was really heavy or made of metal or hard resin, but it is made up of hard pvc. So it is not very heavy or fragile. There is no pose ability of this figure, but Diamond Select Toys already has you covered from the dynamic pose that Maleficient is already in.

Where to purchase?

You may have noticed the GameStop exclusive sticker in the packaging photos. This figure is currently available at GameStop online and in stores as well as the Diamond Select Toys Shop in-line. The figure retails for only $49.99. Link Below:

Diamond Select Toys Shop

Final Thoughts

This diorama figure as well as the Maleificent and Sora action figure 2-pack is great for Disney Villain fans and Kingdom Hearts fans. It is one of the best Maleficient figures ever released. We have seen Pete in figure forms before. So the more Disney Villains the merrier. I really hope that these sell well so that we can possible see other Kingdom Hearts Disney Villains products released in the future like Captain Hook, Hades, Jafar, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, and Scar. So many evil possibilities.

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