DuckTalks Episode #079 – The Distempering of Doofus Drake!

Mitch, Pirate Steven, and Josh are reunited to talk about how disturbing Doofus Drake is, Disney+ rumors, NYCC 2019 Donald Duck Pop!, Tad Stones’ Combat Radio auction, and a little Frankly Speaking.




NYCC 2019 Fireman Donald Duck Exclusive Funko POP! Figure

Tad Stones Charity Blind Auction 2019

When Should We Expect DuckTales Season 3?!



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One comment

  1. I know! he sucks, it’s not even funny, it’s uncomfortable and out right wrong! I say this as an original 1987 Duck Tales fan. I grew up watching this show as a kid, sure, I didn’t like Doofus (and would be surprised if anyone did) but the fact that they completely altered his characteristics and personality from being a nice supporting companion, sure with dork or nerdy like qualities, and his name pretty much says everything about him. (I mean a name like Doofus his parents must have hated him, but now they’re afraid!) but seriously, I don’t think even a newer audience will like more like fear him. I mean I guess I can’t complain they gave the duck trio, Huey, Dewey and Louie personalities that distinguish them from each other, other than their clothes. but why any other character like Gyro he used to be one of those really nice but clumsy and smart kind of scientists, now looks like a grumpy 20 year old wearing clothes from 1910’s. and to putit all off, who the heck is Mi ma ma? I never heard the original say that rubbish! stop the alterations, please!


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