Disney Afternoon Giant Cancelled After Issue #8!

A little over a year ago we were extremely excited to share with our readers that a new Disney Afternoon comic was coming to retailers in the form of IDW’s Disney Afternoon Giant. Over the next few weeks we learned that the book would be an anthology of the Boom! Studios material that had been released in years past. We were excited for the republication of these stories because we had missed most of them, and we have enjoyed Disney Afternoon Giant for the most part.

IDW has not released images of the cover for Issue #8 at this time, so enjoy the cover of issue #7!

Unfortunately, with IDW’s December solicitations we have learned that Disney Afternoon Giant will end with issue #8 which will conclude “The Duck Knight Returns” and “Slipping Through the Cracks.” Honestly, the end of this series isn’t a huge surprise. We were all anxiously waiting to find out if the book would continue and possibly provide us with the “Dangerous Currency” storyline. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Disney Afternoon Giant has had it’s highs and lows. The book notoriously republished some of the worst versions of the material. Many of these mistakes and rushed pages were corrected or perfected in later editions of the work, but IDW was republishing the original material.

All in all, we hate to see the book go. We never lost hope that Disney Afternoon Giant could move past the Kaboom! Studios material and begin releasing new material based on our favorite Disney Afternoon franchises. You can check out the description from the December solicitation below. Issue #7 will not be released until later next month, and Issue #8 is scheduled to release in December.


Disney Afternoon Giant #8

Ian Brill (w) • Morgan Luthi and James Silvani (a) • Leonel Castellani (c)

It’s the final issue of Disney Afternoon Giant. Things wrap up with a bang as we present the final chapter of “The Duck Knight Returns,” as well as “Slipping Through the Cracks,” another Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers story! Join us for one last action-packed, adventure-filled issue!

FC • 48 pages • $5.99




  1. If I may give my two cents on the matter, I think this comic might have lasted longer if they hadn’t used only reprints from the Boom! comics. There are plenty of Disney Afternoon comics, especially for Gummi Bears and the original DuckTales, that have never been published in the US, and it would’ve made perfect sense to run them here. (Heck, back when Disney was publishing the comics themselves, they even considered putting out a mini-series featuring those Gummi Bears comics.) Additionally, most of the comics that ran in Disney Adventures (particularly in the issues published after 1992) have never been reprinted at all, so those might have been a good choice too.

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    • This may be cynical, but kids do not care about a huge pile of comics based on an old cartoon that are SUPPOSED to be canon? Only grownups (old nerds) care about collecting complete stories and arranging them in a coherent timeline. Those adults would pay for such collections, but perhaps Disney, as a company, would not (right now) understand that it is okay to market legacy collections directly to adults who wish to catch up on what they missed out on decades ago. OG DA cartoon + official comics released at the time + 2010/2011 revival would be “classic version”, while 2017 Ducktales and everything to do with it is a “new version”, being a reboot.

      Yes, I would pay for old Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck comics. And I would read new ones if people in power generously allow for it to happen.


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