DuckTales “Whatever Happened To Donald Duck?!” Sneak Peek!

We are less than a week away from a brand new episode of DuckTales! In celebration the Disney Channel YouTube channel released a sneak peak for the next episode “Whatever Happened to Donald Duck?!” You can check out the clip below.

The sneak peek doesn’t offer fans of the show too much in the area of new content. The teaser that was shared around SDCC 2019 include almost half of this clip, but it is nice to see the Disney Channel promoting the return of the show. DuckTales has been a strong show with plots that carry over through multiple episodes.

Based on some of the episode descriptions that have been made available over recent weeks we know a little about what will become of Donald and even Penumbra as they prepare for the Moonlanders’ invasion on Earth. You can read more about these in some of our recent blogs and our most recent episode of the podcast.


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