Comic Reviews and Preview: IDW’s Disney Afternoon Giant #6

We absolutely love the Disney Afternoon, and a few years ago Boom! Studios published a series of Disney Afternoon comics. These comics included DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, and Darkwing Duck. This year IDW Publishing began publishing a collection of these comics under the title Disney Afternoon Giant.

We missed these comics when they first came out, and we were shopping for the trade paperbacks when we first got wind that IDW was going to publish them. The formate of the book is a double-sized comic that features two issues from different series. The first four issues covered the first four issues of DuckTales and Rescue Rangers. Starting with issue #5 new Rescue Rangers and Darwking Duck stories were featured. Check out IDW’s description for this issue below.

This issue we present another Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers adventure in “Spine-Tinger”! Then it’s another chapter in the return of Darkwing Duck as “The Duck Knight Returns” continues! So, where had he gone, you ask, and what was he up to while he was away? And just why did he leave in the first place? Find out the answers to all these questions and more this issue… That’s two action-packed, drama-filled stories you won’t want to miss!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.21.36 PM

I have enjoyed the last two issues of the comic. The stories featured in these re-prints are a lot of fun and deserving successors of the Disney Afternoon properties. I have found myself especially enjoying the Rescue Rangers stories and art. Ian Brill’s Rescue Rangers’ story is delightful and The Duck Knight Returns was a one-of-a-kind story that set up Darkwing for many new stories to come.

Ricardo Garcia and James Silvani both provide engaging artwork for these issues. At this point in time of Disney Afternoon comics they truly had some artists who loved the characters and animated series working on them. There are a few pages in the RR story that feel like they may have been rushed, but I find myself admiring most of the pages in both books.

And check out this cover by Leonel Castellani!


Disney Afternoon Giant #6 is available tomorrow Aug 28th. Check out the preview provided by IDW below.

Disney Afternoon Giant #6 Preview from IDW!


  1. Just in case you actually read these……. I am SO glad the 2011 Rescue Rangers comics are getting re-issued. Back in…….. 2013 perhaps? I found a very cheap copy of the second collection (volumes 5-8) on eBay. The seller was super generous, just wanting more people to have a copy. Since then the physical releases have been getting super scarce, and gone up in price significantly. My impossible dream is for the OG Rescue Rangers comics to continue. Perhaps Ian Brill can still be brought back even after the Darkwing fiasco? Well, I’ll dream till the bitter end. And then I’ll dream some more.

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      • I wonder if americans of all ages are ready for 2 separate canons running concurrently. I wonder if DISNEY is ready for that. I think they are still too afraid of “confusing their audience” or something like that.


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