DuckTales Important September Dates

September is a big month for DuckTales with the much anticipating season 2 episodes resuming and then concluding, but there is also some DuckTales merch sprinkled throughout this month as well.

Here are your DuckTales important September dates:

9/3 – DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf! Book released

DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf! Book Review

9/3- Whatever Happened to Donald Duck?! S2 Ep 17

9/3- DuckTales Minecraft content released

9/4- Happy Birthday Doofus Drake! S2 Ep 18

9/5- A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill! S2 Ep 19

9/6- The Golden Armory of Cornelius Coot! S2 Ep 20

9/9- Timephoon! S2 Ep 21

9/10- GlomTales! S2 Ep 22

9/11- The Richest Duck in the World! S2 Ep 23

9/12- Moonvasion! S2 Ep 24

9/19- Kingdom Consoles: DuckTales Pin Released (WDW and DLR) Limited Edition 4,000

9/19- I Heart Gaming: DuckTales Pin Released (DLR) Limited Edition 2,500

9/24- 5-Minute DuckTales Stories Book Released

(No Cover Art Released Yet)

9/27- Magica De Spell Villain Event in Disney Emoji Blitz mobile game.


  1. I cut the cable cord due to cost so tragically I will not be able to see the new episodes of DuckTales. At one time I had every episode saved to my DVR. By the way I am 66 and a serious David Tennant fan.


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