Disney DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf! Review!

We love it when DuckTales gets merch, and we especially love it when the show gets merch for it’s younger fans.

We recently received a copy of Studio Fun International’s book “Disney DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf!” for review and I’m excited to tell you that this little book offers young readers an opportunity to experience one of the funniest DuckTales adventures in a whole new format.

When you first pick up the book you may notice that there are pull out tabs, and these tabs add a lot of laughter to the reading experience. Children familiar and unfamiliar with the show should enjoy the thrilling adventure of a game of golf gone wrong in the DuckTales universe.

After a wayward golf swing lands them in a parallel world, Scrooge McDuck and his nephews have to play their way home in the mystical Druid’s Cup tournament. Followed by nefarious kelpies, surrounded by sea monsters, and caught up in menacing mist, the brave ducks have their work cut out for them. With fun sliders throughout the book to propel the action, readers will find themselves caught in a daring DuckTales adventure!

“Duck, Duck, Golf!” is a retelling of the DuckTales episode “The Missing Links of Moorshire!” The book does an excellent job of condensing a 22 minute episode into a  14 page illustrated book. The book was written by author Maggie Fischer and Illustrated by Luca Usai, Gianfranco Florio, and Giuseppe Fontana. The book was written for ages 6-8.

The illustrations in “Duck, Duck, Golf!” are expressive and dynamic. You can tell from the cover that the designs for each of the characters will remain on model with the DuckTales reboot, and the background designs remind you of the show as well. When I first opened the book I spent a few minutes flipping through it’s pages and admiring the work of the artists.

After admiring the artwork I read the book and enjoyed the author’s telling of the story. After I completed it I gave it to Lexi and asked her to give me a report after she read it. A few minutes later and she returned with a big smile to give me a very positive review. The girls have enjoyed reading “Disney DuckTales: Duck, Duck Golf!” and I didn’t have to search for it when I needed to grab some pictures because Paisley had displayed it with her PhatMojo DuckTales figures.

I one hundred percent recommend the book for kids 6-8. It’s a fun story and the book has a fun design that will have your kids not only reading but pulling sliders and laughing. I love buying books for my kids, and I love it when I see them reading the same book more than once. If you have a child who enjoys DuckTales they will enjoy this book.

“Disney DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf!” will be available on September 3rd 2019 from Studio Fun International. Follow this link to amazon.com to preorder a copy of “Disney DuckTales: Duck, Duck, Golf!

*By purchasing from Amazon.com through the link above, you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!


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