Cornelius Coot Episode Now Has A Description!

We’ve been speculating a great deal about the upcoming DuckTales episode “The Golden Armory Of Cornelius Coot!” Over the past two years we have become fans of the comics and Cornelius Coot is a prominent figure in the history of Duckburg.

I was checking for the description and came across it on Google.

Webby leads the kids in a race against the Beagles to find a secret treasure while hiding a secret of her own; Della is forced to teach Launchpad how to actually fly a plane.

The Beagle Boys have always been some of my favorite villains and I anticipated they would have something to do with the plot of this episode. We know from past episodes that their grandfather Blackheart Beagle Lost The Town to Scrooge McDuck and they feel it is their rightful inheritance. The fact that Webby is racing to uncover the secret treasure only makes us more excited for the story. The use of the word kids lead me to think we may have Lena and Violet in the episode too, but there is one clip from the SDCC teaser that I believe is from this episode and it only has Webby and the triplets. That doesn’t mean they weren’t split up from Lena and Violet.

And how about the B plot!? Launchpad learning to fly!? It’s like his character is going to go through some more growth in this episode. Say wha!? It’s a good move for the show, having Della teach Launchpad. LP is one of the show’s most likable characters, and we know Della doesn’t like him. Things should be hilariously interesting for sure.

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That’s all of the titles, descriptions, and premiere dates for the episodes we know. We will be watching for the latest info on these episodes. Join the conversation below in the comments or on social media.

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