PhatMojo DuckTales Money Stack Figures Review

We knew about the Target exclusive PhatMojo DuckTales action figures, SunChaser, Money Bin, and and plush from the announcement at New York Toy Fair 2018, but the Money Stack mystery pack figures were a big surprise when we saw them on Target’s website.

Who doesn’t love a good mystery box collection? Well probably the unlucky people that may accumulate a pile of dupes, but for the most part mystery pack s are a lot of fun. If you get dupes, I am sure that it wouldn’t be hard to find them a good home. I know my kids especially love to get mystery packs as presents.

The DuckTales Money Stack figure set includes 9 figures: Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Webby, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Launchpad, Lena, and Darkwing Duck. This is a solid lineup of figures. The highlights are definitely Darkwing Duck and Lena who have not be included in any of the other DuckMerch products so far. I would love for them to get PhatMojo DuckTales action figures if there is a wave 2.

Launchpad McQuack dream selfie with Darkwing Duck.

The Scrooge McDuck figure in this set is also great because he is in a fun action pose which is not just a clone of other Scrooge McDuck figures released thus far.

The series is called Money Stacks because the boxes that hold the figures look like a stack of Scrooge McDucks coins from his Money Bin. These Money Stacks also double for a mini coin bank complete with a slot for you to put your coins.

This opening can also be used to peek inside the box to try to see which character is inside.

The coin stack bank is a nice added feature and can be used to create cool displays for your figures.

The Money Stack boxes come in a retail box of 18 individual Money Stack boxes. Each box contains 1 figure and retails for $4.99. The figures are 2.5″ tall. So you might think if there are 18 figures in a retail box and 9 figures in a set that you would get two complete sets if you buy the entire retail box. Well almost… Darkwing Duck is a rarer character, and there is only one Darkwing Duck figure per retail box. Here is the breakdown of characters that you should get if you bought an entire retail box. Huey -3 , Dewey -2, Louie -2, Webby -2, Lena -2, Scrooge McDuck -2, Donald Duck -2, Launchpad -2, Darkwing Duck 1.

The only downside with mystery boxes and not being able to see the figure inside is not knowing if you are getting an immaculate paint job. I am a paint job stickler. When I am picking out any type of figures, I usually take a long time because I am comparing all the figures paint jobs to pick out the best one. One of my figures from the Money Stacks could have had a better paint job, but the rest were pretty decent.

I love the size of these figures as they remind me of the original Kelloggs Disney Afternoon figures but much better quality. I don’t have the Scrooge McDuck Money Bin playset by PhatMojo yet, but I have seen pictures of these Money Stack figures in the Money Bin and they look perfectly scaled for that set for play or display.

I would definitely recommend trying to complete a set of these figures. My favorites were of course Scrooge McDuck, Lena, and Darkwing Duck. I hope that they sell well so that PhatMojo might consider making a set wave that included characters like Flintheart Glomgold, Mrs. Beakley, Ma Beagle, Black Arts Beagle, Mark Beaks, Fenton Crackshell, GizmoDuck, Gyro Gearloose, Duckworth, and Tiffany the Money Shark.

More PhatMojo DuckTales reviews will be coming in the next few weeks.

What do you think of the DuckTales Money Stacks figure set by PhatMojo?


  1. Do you guys know if every store is supposed to get the money stack figures? I have been doing daily searchers of the inventory of my local stores and they are still not in stock. I finally took a trip to the town over and found Scrooge and Lena, but of course, Darkwing was picked out already. My plan B is to order 18 off and return the remaining 17, but i feel foolish doing that lol. And of course eBay prices are insane right now.


    • Every store is supposed to get them, but they seem to be the most scarce out of all of the PhatMojo DuckTales products.


      • OK, thanks! I will keep my eye out. Glad that at least I got Scrooge and Lena. I hope all the merch is selling because we really need a Gizmoduck, Magica, Beakley and many more in toy form!

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