Don Karnage Voiced By Jaime Camil!


If you’ve been following us you know that we are all big fans of Jim Cummings. When we found out that Jim was included in the cast of DuckTales and that Don Karnage would be featured in an episode, we just knew Jim would be voicing the character.

Today an exclusive from Entertainment Weekly has revealed that Don Karnage will be voiced by Jane the Virgin‘s Jaime Camil. What the EW story didn’t tell us is that Jaime is also the voice of Panchito Pistoles in Legend of the Three Caballeros! Legend of the Three Caballeros hasn’t been released in the US, but fans of the show are eagerly waiting for it’s official announcement.

Jim or no Jim, we are looking forward to Don Karnage later this month in “Sky Pirates… In The Sky!”

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