Beyond DuckTales: The DuckTalks Book Club!

When Pirate Steven and I began preparing for a DuckTales podcast we started this blog to help us keep up with news and information about the show and it’s certain merchandise. Then we started the social media accounts and began interacting with Disney duck fans of all kinds. We quickly learned that the fandom that includes DuckTales is large, dedicated, and passionate.

Over the past few months one thing has surprised us more than anything else, the fandom behind the Carl Barks and Don Rosa comics. We grew up on DuckTales. Our Scrooge always wore blue, he had a pilot named Launchpad, and he sounded like the guy with the talking horse. As we learned more about the inspirations that helped the current DuckTales crew create the new show, we found that there is a vast wealth of stories to be enjoyed in those comics.

Recently we spoke with Morgann Gicquel about his upcoming “documentary” The Scrooge Mystery. Morgann’s passion for Don Rosa’s work really made an impression on us, and we have been talking about reading Don’s comics ever since.

That brings us to this post. We have enjoyed DuckTales 2017 with our readers and listeners, and we want to do the same with these classic comics. We want to read through the Fantagraphics’ Don Rosa Library with you. Maybe you’ve never read these comics or maybe you own them. We plan to read through two volumes each month. During that time you will find blogs posts on things that stand out to us, and every other week there will be a special episode of our podcast where we will discuss the volume we had previously read. Like our podcast you will be able to join us for this conversation on the REZDtv discord.

We hope you consider joining us for Beyond DuckTales. If you do not own the Don Rosa Library you can follow the link below to to purchase your own copy. Thankfully, these volumes are available for Kindle or the Comixology app through Amazon at a very discounted rate (+50% off!).

Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck Vol. 1: The Son of the Sun (The Don Rosa Library)


*By purchasing from through this link you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

We are currently reading Volume 1 of The Don Rosa Library and it begins with “The Son Of the Sun from Uncle Scrooge #219 and ends with “Metaphorically Spanking” from Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories 531. You will see some Beyond DuckTales blogs in the coming days and in two weeks we will host our special Beyond DuckTales episode #001 on our Discord Channel.

Let us know if you plan to join us in Beyond DuckTales. Comment below and on Twitter @DuckTalks

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  1. I had every comic from volume one thru 275 of all Unca Scrooge, Donald Duck, Gyro, and several Carl Barks Linotype plates. A fella told me he would watch all my collection for me while my wife and I went to Israel for one year in 1991. We came back but I’ve yet to see the person or my collection I miss reading and re reading my comics now I’m in my 70’s and still “sigh” lots but miss reading them. I live on a low fixed income and can’t buy into the clubs or buy the books.


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