Something DuckTales 2017 Related Is Happening Tomorrow!

Last weekend brought great news to DuckTales 2017 fans, and a tweet from the show’s Co-Producer, Frank Angones, promises more excitement this weekend! If he keeps this up We may begin expecting news from DT17 every Saturday.

Very early this morning Frank tweeted a video that includes a large crowd singing the DuckTales theme. It’s hard to tell where the video is from, but I believe it is from behind the curtain at the start of the San Diego Comic-Con.

There is much to say right now. All we know is there is DuckTales related news coming tomorrow. Of course you can follow this blog and out twitter account (@DuckTalks) for news tomorrow as it happens!

What do you think is coming tomorrow? Will they announce when new episodes are airing? Will there be another cool announcement like the show moving channels? Or will we are more Duck Merch announces tomorrow? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter!


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Could DuckTales 2017 Be Moving To The Disney Channel?


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