DuckTales 2017 Coming To The Disney Channel Every Day In May!?

Earlier this morning Co-Producer of DuckTales 2017, Frank Angones, posted a tweet that indicated there may be big news for DT17 this weekend. Not long after his tweet Reddit Ducktales users posted an image of a Disney Channel graphic advertising DuckTales on the Disney Channel every day in May! You can find that Reddit post here.

This news further fuels my theory that DuckTales 2017 is moving from Disney XD to the Disney Channel. Maybe DT17 will begin premiering on the Disney Channel and episodes will replay on Disney XD. You can read more about that theory by following this link: Could DuckTales 2017 Be Moving To The Disney Channel?

The second exciting part of this news is that DT17 will be airing every day in May! Could this be the beginnings of a new Disney Afternoon!? The Disney Afternoon was a block of Disney animation that aired between 1990 and 1999 on weekdays. We are very excited about the possibility of a new Disney Afternoon with all of the new animated series coming to the Disney Channel.

This does leave us with questions that have yet to be answered. We do not know when new episodes will begin airing. It seems unlikely that new episodes will be airing every day on the Disney Channel in May. We know that Season 1 of DT17 has twenty-one 22 minute episodes and two 44 minute episodes (pilot and season finale). It is possible the rest of Season 1 will air in May… but would Disney Animation dump all of the season within a four-week time? I don’t think that is likely.

The best news we can give you right now is what Frank Angones said earlier on Twitter today. Fans can expect that he will be providing some kind of news tomorrow, Saturday, March 7th.

What do you believe the news will be? Is DuckTales 2017 moving to the Disney Channel? Do you believe they will air the rest of season 1 in May? Let us know what you think in the comments below or on twitter (@DuckTalks).

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