When Will DuckTales 2017 Come Off It’s Winter Hiatus?!

It is a question we see on social media all of the time. The show runners are asked so often that they actually answer from time to time that they can’t say. Just now, while looking at the searches that bring people to DuckTalks.com the number one search is for when DuckTales 2017 will return.

Those searches have sent many DuckTales fans to a post we did before the December episode aired. I hate seeing so many fans ending up on an old post, so I created this one to provide you what information we have… which isn’t much.

The answer is, we don’t know. When shows go on hiatus, there return announcement is rarely give with much of a notice. However, we are keeping an eye on a number of things to keep you informed on when the show may return. Here is what we know.

Show Runners Say It Will Be A While.

Frank Angones has answered a number of questions on social media regarding the return of DuckTales 2017. However, his answer is always pretty much the same. Whether the hiatus’s length is determined by cast schedules or programming schedules, all we know is that the show will remain on break for some time. At the end of January one fan of the show mentioned that it did not appear DuckTales 2017 would be available next month, and Frank did not dispute that.

The Disney XD Calendar Does Not List DuckTales 2017 Programming for February.

We check the Disney XD Programming Calendar regularly, and it currently has a full schedule for the month of February. DuckTales is not listed on the schedule during it’s normal time slot. I am not sure if this schedule changes some times, but for now we are operating under the assumption that this scheduling represents what will air each week on the channel.

Disney XD Programming Calendar

And that is pretty much it. I would expect that we will find the show on the schedule eventually, and Disney XD will wait to advertise the return of the show closer to time of the next episodes premiere. Shows go on hiatus all of the time, and Disney XD is known for having strange schedules. So it would be incorrect to assume this hiatus is some kind of indication that the show isn’t doing well.

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**Update!*** It Is Semi-Official, DuckTales 2017 Is Moving To The Disney Channel


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