DuckTales #4 Review!

Story A – Happy, Happy Valley!

Writer Joey Cavalieri

Artist Luca Usai

Colorist Dario Calabria

Letterer Tom B. Long

Story B – Fight!

Writer – Joe Caramagna

Artist Gianfranco Florio

Colorist Studio Kawaii

Letterer Tom B. Long

Editor Joe Hughes

Publisher Ted Adams

Sure, Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck are well known for their animated shorts and cartoons, but they are also known for their great comics. DuckTales 2017 has been a fun ride, and it has been great having a new comic series to enjoy along with the show.

The first few issues (#0-3) have told stories before the family that we know and love came together. We saw Donald trying to hold a job while raising the boys and we saw Scrooge, Della, and Donald’s relationship before they parted ways.

With #4 the dynamic of the comic has changed once again, and the whole Duck/McDuck Family is together (including Launchpad and Webby). It’s great having stories that include the whole crew. I have enjoyed prequel-like stories, but I’ve been ready for some DuckTales’ adventures.

For the time being it looks like the comic will keep the two story format, but we do get one story written by Joey Cavalieri and one by Joe Caramagna. Both stories are a lot of fun, and continue to build on the relationships of the characters.

The first story is about the crews adventures on an island and some “natives” who find our family of ducks. They crew find themselves stranded with a group who will do anything to make their stay a happy one. But when you are a family of ducks looking for adventure having your every need met just doesn’t cut it.

The second story focuses on Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The boys are trying to make some money by cleaning out the garage. But when the garage and it’s contents belong to Scrooge McDuck things are bound to get a little crazy.

Th boys find themselves enchanted … or maybe cursed by a magical samurai helmet, and it’s up to Huey to figure out how to save his brothers.

The stories are both fun, but I’m starting to wish they were a little longer. Now that we are caught up in the DuckTales timeline I wouldn’t mind longer stories.

The art continues to mimic the art style of the show really well. The second story felt like the greatest departure from the show’s style, but only in a few images.

The Verdict

If you enjoy the DuckTales reboot, I recommend that you grab this comic. The stories are fun and the art style is very similar to the show. I’m looking forward to the future of this comic, and I think issue #4 is a great place to jump on board if you’ve missed the past few issues.

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