DuckTales 2017 Merchandise At

This we did not expect… So it’s the day after Christmas and the Disney Store FINALLY has DuckTales 2017 merchandise listed on their site. Honestly, with the craziness of the holidays keeping us busy we haven’t checked in the past few days. @CCRunner524 sent us a message this morning that Roger over at had posted on Twitter that the Disney Store had DT2017 merchandise available.

There’s some pretty cool stuff. No toys or anything like that, but plenty of shirt and drink ware options. Everything listed can be customized. So if you like a design but don’t care of the color you can select a different color or even the type of shirt.

As for the designs, they are mostly images we have seen before, but that should probably be expected.

It is still surprising that it has taken so long to get merchandise for the show. It was first reported in March of this year that season 2 of DuckTales 2017 had already been ordered by Disney. Although Disney seemed sure the show would be a success, they still held off on putting merchandise in stores.

If you love the show, and want to see Disney go all-in on merchandise, it would be a good idea to pick up a shirt, mug, or maybe even a bag. The more the show is supported by its fans, the more likely we see more Disney merchandise.

Scroll down to check out some of the options for DT2017 merchandise, and go to to order your very own DuckTales Merchandise.

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