Are These DuckTales Season 2 Episode Titles?!

Warning! This is either news of Season 2 or… maybe not. Let’s call it a rumor for now.

A friend of the show over on Twitter, @AwPhooey2U, let us know that an affiliate of had a curious listing for DuckTales Season 2. She found the site from the Tumblr account gyrogearloose. Although this affiliate site appears to be associated with the Los Angeles Times, when I look up DuckTales Season 2 on Zap2it’s regular site I do not see the same thing. Check out the tweet below. has long been known to “leak” episode titles and descriptions for many shows over the past few years. If it wasn’t for the “affiliate” part of the address I would be more sure of the information.

The first two episodes and release dates match what we already know, and the descriptions match too. I also checked Season One’s listings and everything appears to be correct. There isn’t any other news, so we might as well take a look at this rumor.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.12.26 PM

Based on these listings the third episode of Season 2 will be titled “The Ballad of Duke Baloney!” and it may air on 11/03/2018. Now… this first title had me convinced this was all fake, but then I went to the internet and found that the Duke of Baloni was a real character created by Carl Barks for his story Turkey With All the Schemings. This story was published in January of 1953 and included an original Barks’ character who was called “The Second Richest Duck in the World” before Glomgold! If this title is true there is no doubt the Barks’ story inspired the episode.

The fourth episode of the season, described on this site, is titled “The Town Where Everyone Was Nice!” I’ve been trying to decide what previous Disney Duck story this title could be reminding me of, and it just came to me. Issue #4 of the DuckTales comic by IDW includes a story called “Happy, Happy Valley!” In the story the adventurous crew become trapped on an island inhabited by the nicest people… a little too nice. You can check out our review of the issue here: DuckTales #4 Review! If these titles are correct, could the show on Disney Channel include a continuation of a story from the comic!? The website lists the episode airing on 11/10.

The final episode listed on this website is listed as episode 5 and it would premiere on 11/17. The title is “Storkules In Duckburg!” This title both has me thinking this list is possible and that it’s fab made. I honestly expect to see more Storkules, and a story with him visiting Duckburg would definitely make for a fun adventure. It does beg the question of whether we will see the other Greek gods in this episode? Will Selene and Zeus return?

You can check out the website by following the link below. Are you familiar with this site? Do you believe the titles are more than rumor? Which title are you the most excited for? Join the conversation below in the comments or on Twitter @DuckTalks

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