DuckTales Woo-oo! DVD Review

On Tuesday December 12 DuckTales’s first home release is scheduled to hit store shelves! If you’ve listened to our podcast, you know we are following the release of the reboot’s merchandise. And we are glad to have an opportunity to provide you with some information on this release.

“DuckTales Woo-oo!” is the first non-digital release of the Disney XD DuckTales reboot’s premiere. You should be able to find it at any store, but I can confirm that Target and Amazon will have the DVD for $9.99. When Disney XD first aired the hour long movie they followed the 24 hour premiere by releasing it for free on several digital platforms. If you grabbed the digital release during that time from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play then you own that digital copy of the premiere.

Although more of us are becoming accustomed to obtaining our entertainment digitally, there is still a large portion of viewers who prefer a physical copy. This release is a great opportunity for those families to own the one hour premiere of the show. There will most likely be a number of families who do not have Disney XD who may View the show for the first time from this release. It’s a great opportunity for Disney XD to expand the show’s audience.

So how is the DVD? I was honestly a little bummed that the show did not have a Blu-ray release. But after watching the movie on DVD I better understand why most animated shows are released on DVD instead of Blu-ray. The quality of the animation does not appear to be degraded in this format over the digital version. Maybe that is because of the animation style that is used, I’m not sure. By rest assured you can watch this DVD without feeling like you are missing a clearer, crisper image. The runtime of the premiere is 44 minutes.

I was hoping to find that this home release would include some extras, and I was pleased to find that it does. There are six “Welcome to Duckberg” shorts included under an Extra menu option on the disc. If you have watched a lot of the videos on the DuckTales Youtube account (or if you’ve been viewing them tirelessly looking for a glimpse of Duckworth in the background) these will be familiar. They are the character introduction clips that we’ve had access to online for some time.

That’s it for extras, unless you count subtitles and languages… The menus are gorgeous. They are of course arranged like a comic book, and include both clips and still images from the show. The DuckTales music plays in the background for most of the menus, but not all of them.

This DVD serves its function well. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, no commentary (Please, someone beg Matt and Frank to record commentary for the box set!?) or Easter eggs… (that I could find on my first trip through the menus). But $9.99 is a great price for a physical copy of the one hour premiere of one of the best animated shows on television in 2017!

This afternoon I put the disc into our Blu-ray player, looked around the menus, watched the extras, and my girls were begging to watch the movie before I could take down some of my thoughts. I hope you enjoy your first physical copy of the Disney XD’s DuckTales reboot, we’ve already watched our’s twice!

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