Banned Uncle Scrooge Stories Becoming Harder to Find

Currently the majority of the Don Rosa Library is “Temporarily Out of Stock” on Fantagraphics’ website. This includes the fifth and tenth volumes. The fifth volume includes “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” chapter titled “The Empire-Builder of Calistota” and the tenth volume includes “The Dream of a Lifetime.”

DuckFans around the world learned last week that publishers have been informed “The Empire-Builder of Calistota” and “The Dream of a Lifetime” will no longer be reprinted or included in new collections. The publisher who communicated this with Don noted the stories no longer align with the WDC’s values.

We have reached out to our contacts at Fantagraphics to see if the stock was only temporarily out, or if we can assume more will be available. You can request a communication if/when the volumes become available on their site.

Don Rosa Library on

A quick look at and reveal online stock problems as well. After a Google search we can say that at this time there are some online retailers with the book available around the retail price.

Unfortunately, the secondary market’s prices are beginning to reflect an item that is rare to collectors. Being fans of Scrooge McDuck we don’t recommend turning to these outlets. Keep looking for retail options where you will pay around retail price.

If you aren’t trying to complete the Don Rosa Library you are most likely better off picking up the recent releases by Fantagraphics; “The Complete Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck” Deluxe, Vol 1 & 2 box set, or the individual volumes 1 and 2. To learn more about where these stories are available read our previous blog: Don Rosa Banned Stories

We are monitoring the story closely and hope to keep the community informed on the status of these books.


  1. Now I really wish I’d picked up the last few Don Rosa Library volumes when they originally came out. Though fortunately for me, I do already own Gemstone’s trade paperbacks of both the “Life and Times” arc AND the companion chapters, so I have at least one copy each of these two stories. (I still think it’s stupid that Disney’s banning these stories, of course. Couldn’t they just include a disclaimer in future printings?)


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