Fantagraphics Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: Donald’s Happiest Adventures Review

Donald’s Happiest Adventures was originally published in France in 2018. I remember seeing the cover with it’s fun art style and vast collection of characters, and I wished that it would eventually be available in English. Donald’s quest for happiness appears in English for the first time in this Fantagraphics publication.

Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: Donald’s Happiest Adventures

Book Description:

Acclaimed French cartoonists Lewis Trondheim and Nicolas Kéramidas present a mind-bending Duckburg graphic novel!

When Donald grouses that money will never buy Uncle Scrooge happiness, Scrooge snaps ― and sets Donald on a treasure hunt for happiness itself. A terrible task for an unlucky Duck… or is it? With help from Professor Ludwig Von Drake, deep in the cranky kingdom of Brutopia ― the impossible may be possible!

Presented as a “lost” 1960s Disney story ― complete with retro-style color ― Donald’s Happiest Adventures bristles with wit in the Carl Barks tradition… and bustles with the whole Disney comics cast, including friends and rivals Gladstone Gander, Mickey Mouse, and Pegleg Pete!


The story behind this graphic novel is that Lewis Trondheim and Nicolas Kéramidas found a complete collection of Donald’s Quest Comics and Stories at an antique store. They put all of the pages in tact together and made this book. The pages of the book are weathered down to show age which adds to the claim that this collection of comics were lost and miraculously found at the antique shop. The story consists of 42 chapters of one pagers that take Donald Duck on a philosophical journey sent on by his Uncle Scrooge to find the secret of happiness. Along his quest, he encounters a wide variety of friends and acquaintances that help Donald find the impossible, secret of happiness. I feel happier for finally reading this book.


Thank you to Fantagraphics for allowing us to go through this Disney Duck journey. I feel smarter for increasing my happiness and my Disney Duck knowledge base by reading this volume.

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  1. I remember seeing that book in a few FNAC stores here in Portugal, but it was the French original.
    Every time I saw it, I thought I found a rarity like the Mickey’s Craziest Adventures book I found on a local comic book shop back in 2018/2019 (it was an import from the US, so it was the IDW release). And since my French is quite rusty, I was waiting for an English version to come out soon. ^^;

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