Disney 100 Donald Duck Funko POP! Pics and Review

Funko has released a Target Con 2023 Exclusive POP! figure of Donald Duck as part of their Disney 100 collection.

Order: Disney 100 Donald Duck Funko POP!

I have been doing pretty well with my Funko addiction as of late with only buying essential characters. The Darkwing Duck Funko POP! release earlier this month broke my few months of being sober from buying Funko POP! figures.

I decided that I needed this classic Donald Duck figure to display along side a more modern Donald Duck version.


Disney 100 Donald Duck

Disney 100 Donald w/ Modern Donald

Final Thoughts

Donald Duck appeared in two Mickey Mouse black and white animated shorts in 1934:

  • Orphan’s Benefit (1934)
  • The Dognapper (1934)

This was after Donald Duck had made his starring debut in color in the 1934 Silly Symphony cartoon, “The Wise Little Hen.”

The black and white look of Donald Duck for this Funko POP! figure does not 100% match his look in those Mickey Mouse animated shorts as his feet and shirt were black and bow tie white as seen in the screen shot below.

Beyond those color inaccuracies, I love that we have an early model Donald Duck to display in our collections. I have always wanted a Donald Duck through the years figure collection, and this one looks great displayed next to the modern Donald Duck Funko POP! figure.

There is also a great Disney 100 Goofy Funko POP! black and white figure that would look great with this Donald Duck.

I am looking forward to seeing what else Funko has in store for fans with this year’s big Disney 100 celebration because they are off to a great start.

Order: Disney 100 Donald Duck Funko POP!

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