Dynamite’s Darkwing Duck #3 Preview!

You may have seen our review of Dynamite Comics Darkwing Duck #1 over on our YouTube channel (https://ducktalks.com/2023/02/14/ducktalks-episode-134-darkwing-duck-takes-a-new-flight/). In that review we examined Carlo Cid Lauro’s art and some of the discussion around the art in the first issue. We pointed out that when Carlo became comfortable with the characters you can see that the art in the book was going to be great. We’ve seen the preview for issue #2 which will feature Quackerjack (if you haven’t you can find the preview at Dynamite.com), and it has us extremely excited to read the next issue. This past week we have also seen a preview of issue #3 and it has many fans online excited.

Dynamite Comics shared the preview earlier this week on their Twitter account. You can check it and the official synopsis below.

Darkwing Duck…retired?! Mild-mannered Drake Mallard has had a crisis of conscience, and decides to hang up his cape and cowl in order to be a good dad to daughter Goslyn. But non-superhero life is not an easy thing for Drake to slip into…especially since he’s convinced the conniving MORGANA to settle down with him into (boring) suburban living!


  1. Well, I guess this pretty much negates the whole “Morgana is trapped in another dimension” plot thread from the previous comic, doesn’t it? (Then again, considering the fifth issue is inexplicably bringing back a one-shot DuckTales villain who clearly died in the episode he appeared in, is this new comic really canon to the old shows?)

    On the plus side, Carlo Lauro’s art appears to be improving (particularly with the ducks; he already drew Megavolt perfectly well in the first issue).

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    • Kacy, I do not believe the new series is attempting to connect to the Boom or Joe Books stories.

      As for DuckTalks characters in DW, remember Tad Stones says the two series were not in the same universe. So they could be connecting their story with the DW series, use DuckTales characters, and not worry about their storylines from that series.


      • Well, that first part doesn’t surprise me, seeing how Disney has been disregarding all traces of Aaron Sparrow’s work ever since they cancelled the Joe Books title (they didn’t even promote it when it was running).

        Also, I’m pretty sure that Tad Stones’ claims of Darkwing Duck not being in the same universe was disproven multiple times in both the show (Launchpad mentions Scrooge in “Tiff of the Titans”) and the comics (“The Legend of the Chaos God” and “Crisis on Infinite Darkwings” outright showed them sharing the same universe). That said, even if Amanda does have a good explanation for Dr. Nogood’s resurrection, he had been replaced by the High Command trio as F.O.W.L.’s leaders on Darkwing Duck, so I don’t know why they’re not just using High Command for issue #5.

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      • As for the episode Tad has said there is a Scrooge McDuck in the DW universe and LP has worked for him, but DW’s continuity is so loose they didn’t CJ sider it connected to the 87 DuckTales continuity.


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