New Darkwing Duck/Negaduck Pops Available!

It’s a good month to be a Darkwing Duck fan. Dynamite Comics new series by writer Amanda Deibert and artist Carlo Lauro was released earlier this month, and now new Funko Pops are available! The Pops were released today as Funko exclusives that can be purchased on (there is a link at the bottom of this blog entry).

The two Pops share the same mold. You may remember that the Darkwing and Negaduck Pops that were released in 2017 also shared their mold. The pose for these are new molds is a familiar one to DW fans. Check out Funko’s tweets below. Unlike 2017, Darkwing is an exclusive and Negaduck is a chase variant of that exclusive. The previous Negaduck was an exclusive from PX Previews.

The new DW Pop is $15 and shipping is under $7. If you pick up two (in hopes of getting a Negaduck) with shipping you will pay $37. They have free shipping on orders over $50. So you could purchase the recently released Mickey & Friends Donald Daisy Pops…

You can get your new Darkwing Duck Pop (and possibly the Negaduck chase variant) by purchasing from Funko on They are limiting households to two Pops.

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