First Look: Super7 Muppets ReAction Figures (Glitter Variants)

Super7 made an electric announcement early in 2022 that The Muppets will be joining their ReAction figure product line. There was a collective Kermit “YAAAAAY!” from Muppets fans. Although, most fans also voiced their wish for a Super7 Muppets Ultimates figure series.

Super7 ReAction figures is their 3.75” scale figures that bring the nostalgia back of the classic Kenner Star Wars action figures for our favorite pop culture franchises that did not get figure releases back in the day or at least not in this retro style. I really love the Mickey and Friends, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and The Haunted Mansion Super7 ReAction figures.

The first wave of Super7 Muppets ReAction figures will feature the Electric Mayhem Band. This was a great selection of Muppets to kick off the figure line since the Electric Mayhem Band will be starring in their very own Disney+ show in 2023. Super7 revealed the prototypes at the 2022 D23 Expo this past September.

The Muppets ReAction prototype figures look great in the retro action figure style. Included in the first wave are Dr. Teeth, Janice, Floyd Pepper, Zoot, and Scooter. Scooter was the road manager for the Electric Mayhem Band in the Muppet Movie. The only member of the Electric Mayhem Band to not have a Muppets ReAction figure is their trumpet player, Lips.

There has not been a release date yet set on the standard Muppets ReAction figures set, but Super7 has recently released two glitter variants of the Dr. Teeth and Animal figures in special edition packaging. Our friends at Super7 sent over those two variant figures for us to showcase on the blog.


These special edition Muppets ReAction figures come with a Dr. Teeth Electric Mayhem Band card backing. Dr. Teeth’s gold tooth is made of a golden foil, and the rest of the front of the card has a rock glam glittery look that matches these special edition glitter figures. This Dr. Teeth mouth logo has been used on Animal’s drums in other Muppets toy releases by Palisades, Diamond Select Toys, and LEGO.

The back of the card features the Dr. Teeth Electric Mayhem Band neon sign.

I am not an in box or mint on card collector, but a lot of the figures in Super7 ReAction product line (and really all their product lines) feature elaborately designed packaging. These figures would look great left on the card backing or removed from the card backing.

Dr. Teeth

The Super7 Muppets Dr. Teeth ReAction figure has five points of articulation: head, arms (2), legs (2).

Dr. Teeth’s color palette is different than his classic appearance. The colors look almost as if they are black light or glow in the dark, but the figure does not glow. Dr. Teeth’s hat, arms, and legs are made of translucent purple plastic full of shiny glitter.

Dr. Teeth comes with his electric keyboard as an accessory item. Even Dr. Teeth’s electric keyboard is all translucent with shiny glitter.


The Super7 Muppets Animal ReAction figure has five points of articulation: head, arms (2), legs (2).

Animal’s color palette is also different than his classic appearance. The colors look almost as if they are black light or glow in the dark, but the figure does not glow. Animal’s head, torso, arms, and legs are made of translucent pink plastic full of shiny glitter.

Animal has his chain leash around his neck and two drum sticks as accessory items. A drum in any size to go along with Animal would have been cool.

Where to Buy?

**Coming Soon to Super7’s Website**

These Super7 Muppets ReAction figure glitter variants retail for $25 and can be ordered exclusively on Super7’s website at the link below:

Super7 Muppets ReAction Dr. Teeth (Glitter)

Super7 Muppets ReAction Animal (Glitter)

Final Thoughts

I really love the retro feel of Super7’s ReAction figure series. If you are a collector that needs to have everything, these figures will look great mint on card or displayed with your other Muppets collectibles. If you do not need the glitter variants, you can wait for the standard release that will match the rest of the Muppets ReAction figures. I would personally love to see a wave of Muppets ReAction figures themed to The Muppets Christmas Carol or Muppets Haunted Mansion.

Another super thanks shout out to our friends at Super7 for allowing us to showcase the Muppets ReAction figures product line on our blog.

Don’t forget to follow @super7store for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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