Monogram International Disney 90s Cartoons Series 40 Bag Clip Review

Monogram International is bringing fans a Disney Afternoon with their Disney 90s Cartoons Series 40 3D Figural Bag Clip blind bags. In 2017, Monogram International released a DuckTales themed series of figural key rings that included Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby Vanderquack, Launchpad McQuack, Gizmoduck, Flintheart Glomgold, Darkwing Duck, Negaduck (Chase), and Fenton Crackshell (Chase).

There may have also been an email in 2017 from me in Monogram International’s inbox suggesting a Disney Afternoon due to the many possibilities in characters from all of the fan favorite shows. Five years later, Disney Afternoonaholics can get some of their favorite characters as 3D figural bag clips.

This blog will take a closer look at all of the 3D figural bag clips from Monogram International’s Disney 90s Cartoons Series 40. We will also do some comparisons of Scrooge McDuck, Launchpad McQuack, and Darkwing Duck with the 3D figural releases from five years ago.

I did go 11 for 11 with my blind bag pack selections. There is a piece of folded cardboard around the figure to try to make it a true blind bag experience, but I am a professional. Even though I was successful with my picks, guessing the character is not an easy task.

Every Monogram International 3D key ring or bag clip series comes with nine pictured characters on the bags and the box and two bonus exclusive chase characters that only shows their shadows on the back of the bags. These chase figures are also more scarce in their ratios in cases of the key rings / bag clips. Elisa Maza (Gargoyles) and Louie (TaleSpin) are the chase figures of this series. There are only one of each of the chase characters included in a case of twenty four packs.

Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)

Woo-oo and Bless Me Bagpipes! Even though we already got a Scrooge McDuck in the previous DuckTales series, the new Scrooge figural key chain makes a fine addition to the collection. The new figure has brighter colors, and Scrooge is holding his number one dime in this version.

Launchpad McQuack (DuckTales / Darkwing Duck)

He’s a pilot! This Launchpad McQuack version is a great example of how much Monogram International improved in their figure details and designs in the five years since the previous Launchpad figure was released. Maybe the one from five years ago was the DuckTales version, and this one is the Darkwing version.

Darkwing Duck (Darkwing Duck)

Let’s Get Dangerous! Darkwing Duck is my favorite Disney character, but this would be a good example of where the previous release of DW in the DuckTales figural key ring series was more definitively dangerous Darkwing. This new version of DW makes the mistake of coloring his cheeks to match his bill which we have seen in some merch. I do like the more dynamic pose of holding his cape and the swoosh of his hat. He is also missing his gas gun which he is shown holding in the promotional photos of this series. It is still new Darkwing Duck merch so get dangerous!

Goliath (Gargoyles)

The Gargoyles spell has been broken and Gargoyles merch lives again…again. The Gargoyles merch resurgence has been really incredible to watch in 2021 and 2022. New fans of the comic and show should definitely try to track down Goliath and Elisa Maza from this series. Gargoyles is definitely worthy of it’s very own Monogram International bag clips series.

Elisa Maza (Gargoyles)

Elisa Maza as one of the surprise chase figural bag clips was a great selection. She looks great with Goliath, and I hope the other members of the Manhattan Gargoyles clan get added in the future.

Baloo (TaleSpin)

Spin it! TaleSpin Baloo is the best Baloo. This is a fact not opinion.

Louie (TaleSpin)

Louie is one of the chase figural bag clips from this series, and he looks great with his best friend forever Baloo.

Chip (Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers)

Chip looks great, but he could really use the rest of his Rescue Rangers crew. There has to be a reason why at least Dale was not included in this series. Maybe a second Disney 90s Cartoons series. The Rescue Rangers are on the case.

Max (Goof Troop)

Max Goof definitely has a cult following of fans mostly from the success of the masterpiece, A Goofy Movie. His appearance for this bag clip is from Goof Troop, but I would love an A Goofy Movie series of bag clips from Monogram International.

Cubbi Gummi (Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears)

I have never seen a bag clip as dashing, daring, courageous, caring, faithful, and friendly with stories to share as this Cubbi Gummi bag clip.

Wildwing (Mighty Ducks Animated Series)

Mighty Ducks Animated Series merch in 2022 is something that I never saw coming. This was a complete shocker, and I am so happy that Wildwing was included in this series. Mighty Ducks Animated Series fans (Lissette) rejoice!

Where to Buy?

You can find Monogram International 3D Figural Bag Clips at fine retailers like Comic Book Shops, Walmart, Target, Box Lunch, Hot Topic, GameStop, and Entertainment Earth. You should also be on the lookout for these during sales. Buying them in person is your best chance to try to feel the pack to guess the character that you are hunting for. You can also try eBay if there is a specific character and don’t want to go the blind pack route. Here are a couple of links to where you can buy some packs online:


Entertainment Earth 6-Pack

Entertainment Earth Case of 24 Packs

Final Thoughts

I want more! The Monogram International Disney 90s Cartoon 3D Figural Bag Clips are an easy recommend to all of the Disney Afternoonaholics out there. These bag clips attached to your bag would be a great way to show your Disney Afternoon fandom. I am so thrilled that Monogram International made this series. This was a great first release of Disney 90s Cartoons characters, but there are a lot more high quality characters that could make up a second assortment series. This would be my wish list for the next 11 (Magica DeSpell, Ma Beagle, Gosalyn Mallard, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack, Kit Cloudkicker, Don Karnage, Sunni Gummi, Goof Troop Goofy, and Bonkers. Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, and A Goofy Movie could also get there own individual series for full representation of their great characters. Monogram International, please also make a DuckTales (2017) series. Thank you!

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