Super7 Disney Supersize Ebenezer Scrooge Review

The opposite of Bah Humbug…

Just in time to celebrate Mickey’s Christmas Carol’s 40th anniversary in 2023, Super7 is adding Scrooge McDuck as Ebenezer Scrooge from Mickey’s Christmas Carol to their premium Supersize figure collection. Scrooge McDuck has had many great looks in his 75 years from the classic Carl Barks comics to DuckTales and DuckTales (2017), but Ebenezer Scrooge in Mickey’s Christmas Carol is his Sorcerer’s Apprentice like role.

Super7 decided to go with Ebenezer Scrooge’s purple nightgown and cap look for their Supersize figure. This was a solid choice as Ebenezer Scrooge spends most of Mickey’s Christmas Carol in his pajamas with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Super7’s Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure was first announced and on display at the Super7 booth at the 2022 D23 Expo. I had entered the D23 Expo show floor on the very first day of the expo right by the Super7 booth, and my jaw immediately dropped. I was in the presence of new duck merch from Super7.

Super7 Booth at 2022 D23 Expo – Ebenezer Scrooge

Super7’s Supersize product line currently features figures of the following Disney characters: Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse, Ben Ali Gator, Pinocchio, Sox, Queen of Hearts, and Elvis Stitch. Super7 also currently produces non Disney Supersize figures of characters from the Peanuts and Rugrats franchises.

Super7 Booth at 2022 D23 Expo – Disney Supersize

Super7’s Supersize figures remind me of the large figures that used to be part of the decorations and theming at every Disney Store. Remember physical Disney Stores? I miss Disney Stores. The window diorama displays on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland and Walt Disney World also have some fantastic large figures. During the magical holiday season in the Disney Parks, those window diorama displays even depict Mickey’s Christmas Carol scenes.

Our super friends at Super7 sent over their Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure for us to get an advance look at and to showcase on the blog to you fine duck fans.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol


The box is ginormous (16x16x24”) and gorgeous featuring a golden holly lace pattern around the borders of the box and a foil silhouette of Ebenezer Scrooge with his candle on the front. This is definitely a box that you keep.

The top and sides of the box have the Mickey’s Christmas Carol logo.

Ebenezer Scrooge is safely stored and secured inside and ready to get unboxed as if it were Christmas Day. “God bless us, everyone!” as Tiny Tim says.

Ebenezer Scrooge

There is absolutely nothing to Bah Humbug about this Super7 Supersize Ebenezer Scrooge figure. The figure is so detailed and expressive that I almost expected Alan Young’s iconic Scrooge voice to start talking to me and asking me what I am doing in his room. The soft goods purple nightgown and cap look really comfy and authentic to the outfit that Ebenezer Scrooge wears to sleep in Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Ebenezer stands around 18 inches tall and has nine points of articulation including his head, arms (2), wrists (2), legs (2), and feet (2).

Ebenezer Scrooge’s night cap fits nicely on top of his head, but it can be removed if you so desire.

No Cap

While we are on a close up of his beak, check out those perfect Ebenezer Scrooge spectacles.

The candle holder is also removable from his right hand.

In Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Jiminy Cricket as The Ghost of Christmas Past enters Ebenezer Scrooge’s room and lands on the candle holder. I would love to see Super7 release a Jiminy Cricket ReAction figure that fans could buy to complement the Ebenezer Scrooge and Pinocchio Supersize figures.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

I used a Funko Mystery Mini Jiminy Cricket figure with the Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure to see what that could possibly look like.

Funko Mystery Mini Jiminy Cricket
Funko Mystery Mini Jiminy Cricket

Size Comparisons

Did I mention that this Super7 Supersize Ebenezer Scrooge figure is big? Just in case you didn’t believe me, here are some comparison shots.

Here is the Super7 Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure next to the Beast Kingdom DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Master Craft statue which measures around 15” inches.

Beast Kingdom DuckTales Scrooge McDuck Master Craft Statue

Here are some pics of the Super7 Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure with some Super7 Disney Ultimates and Super7 Mickey and Friends Vintage Collection ReAction figures.

Super7 Disney Ultimates
Super7 Mickey Donald and Friends Vintage Collection ReAction Figures

Where to Buy?

The Super7 Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure retails for $294.99. The figure is currently available to preorder at Entertainment Earth at the link below. The figure is estimated to release in December – January. You can get Free USA Shipping with code FALLFREE22.

Super7 Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize

*By purchasing from Entertainment Earth through our affiliate link above you are supporting DuckTalks at no additional cost to yourself!

Final Thoughts

The Super7 Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure would be a signature piece in any Disney Duck collection, and it will also make an amazing Christmas decoration come holiday time.

This Ebenezer Scrooge figure is obviously my favorite from all of the other Disney Super7 Supersize figures that have been announced or released so far. The Brave Little Tailor and Queen of Hearts Supersize figures are also very tempting. I speculate that 2023 will be a huge year for Mickey’s Christmas Carol with the 40th anniversary. We might eventually see this Ebenezer Scrooge and possibly other Mickey’s Christmas Carol characters in the Super7 Disney Ultimates and/or Disney ReAction figure product lines. All of the other Disney characters in the Super7 Supersize line are included in other Super7 product lines in smaller sizes: Brave Little Tailor Mickey Mouse (ReAction), Pinocchio (Ultimates), Ben Ali Gator (Ultimates), Sox (ReAction), Queen of Hearts (Ultimates), and Stitch (Ultimates).

The Super7 Ebenezer Scrooge Supersize figure is definitely a premium high end collectible. It is not going to fit in everyone’s collection because of the price and shelf space requirement, but it is an epic figure that you should definitely consider if you are Scrooge fan and have available funds and space. This is the ultimate Ebenezer Scrooge Mickey’s Christmas Carol collectible.

Ebenezer Scrooge Approves

A big super size thank you to our super friends at Super7 for allowing DuckTalks to showcase this amazing new Duck Merch collectible on our blog. This is a great way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Scrooge McDuck, and the 40th anniversary of Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Scrooge Multiverse
w/ Funko Disney Afternoon Action Figure

Don’t forget to follow @super7store for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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