Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin King Review

That’s right, I am the Pumpkin King, ha, ha, ha

And I just can’t wait until next Halloween
‘Cause I’ve got some new ideas
That will really make them scream

Diamond Select Toys is currently ten series into their the Nightmare Before Christmas select figure line. For fans who may not have collected since the figure line debuted, DST has started to re-release some of the most popular characters in a “Best of” The Nightmare Before Christmas select series.

Our friends at Diamond Select Toys sent over their Pumpkin King figure to showcase on the blog for this review.


The Pumpkin King comes in a well themed Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas window packaging that could allow you to display the figure in the box. The back of the box has a picture of the figure as well as a description of the character. The other two figures in this series, Sally and Dr. Finklestein, are also previewed from Diamond Select Toys’ The Nightmare Before Christmas “Best of” Series 2.

Pumpkin King

Jack Skellington graces the screen in his Pumpkin King attire at the very beginning of The Nightmare Before Christmas. He points the way to Halloween Town as the iconic opening song “This is Halloween” plays. The Halloween Town is permanently attached to the back of the figure.

Pumpkin Jack has 14 points of articulation which include his head, shoulders (2), elbows (2), wrists (2), waist, legs (2), knees (2), and feet (2). Figures like Jack Skellington and Sally which have really thin parts are hard to balance and distribute the weigh of the figures. Diamond Select Toys has included a display stand with an articulated arm to help those figures stand.

Surprisingly, I was able to get this figure to stand by itself without the help of the display stand with picture proof below. I will definitely recommend using the included display stand.

Here I have Pumpkin Jack with the display stand in a scarecrow pose from the movie. This would be a great basic pose for your Pumpkin King. You could also surround the Pumpkin King by the residents of Halloween Town to add more life to your display.


The Pumpkin King comes with a flaming torch accessory. In the Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack Skellington makes his dramatic entrance by setting his pumpkin head on fire with this torch.

The Pumpkin King’s fingers are not well equipped to hold the torch without some balancing of the arm and hand with plenty of patience. The flaming torch pose would also make a nice pose choice for your Nightmare Before Christmas figure display.

Where to Buy?

The Diamond Select Toys Pumpkin King figure can be purchased in The Nightmare Before Christmas Best Of Series 2 set at Entertainment Earth. You can also purchased the figure individually at Amazon.

DST Nightmare Before Christmas Best Of Series 2

DST Pumpkin Jack Figure

Final Thoughts

Jack Skellington has several iconic looks in The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Diamond Select Toys seems committed to make them all. As I mentioned before, Pumpkin Jack is the first character that you see in the movie as well as Jack Skellington’s surprise big entrance. This figure could be the most unique of all of his looks. This is definitely a figure release that will look great with the rest of the DST Nightmare Before Christmas figure collection. The display stand is definitely a blessing because this figure can be frustrating to pose.

I just can’t wait until next Halloween!

Let us know what you think about the Pumpkin King figure in the comments below or tweet us @DuckTalks. Also, don’t forget to follow @CollectDST for all of their latest toys and collectibles news.

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